Its time for us all to clean up our act!!!

Over the past few weeks in Brisbane dog owners have been scared to take their fur-babies out for a walk due to the amount of reported dog baitings that are happening in public areas.

As dog owners we need to fight this and try to stop it from happening.  One thing we can all do is clean up after our dogs, even if it isn’t your own.

A few media reports have suggested that “poop” could be a motivation for these senseless acts. 

So Brisbane, let’s clean up our act.

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Next time you go out for a walk or to a dog park make sure you have a few extra poo bags with you.

If you see someone that doesn’t pick up after their dog, a good way to deal with it is to give them a poo bag, don’t get angry just smile and say “I saw you have run out”.

It’s a “shitty” job but as dog owners its our responsibility.

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