They are a very pretty and some say Salt Lamps have many health benefits to humans but they could be fatal for our fury friends.

Both cats and dogs can be curious and sometimes just love to lick things. While salt isn’t poisonous if your fury friend ingests too much it can be very harmful, effecting their liveried an over dose could be fatal.

Signs of salt poisoning are vomiting, inappetence, diarrhea, walking like a drunk, lethargy, excessive thirst and excessive urination. it can also cause symptoms such as tremors, seizures and coma leading to potential injury to the kidneys and even death when untreated.

Simply having a Salt Lamp in a room can not cause any damage to your pet unless it is big and falls on them, but is dangerous if they lick it.

Simple ways to make sure your pet doesn’t fall ill due to a Salt Lamp:

  • Throw it away and use a normal lamp
  • Keep it out of reach of your fury friend
  • Buy a fake one (it will likely have the same health benefits for you)

If you think you pet might be effected by your pretty Salt Lamp consult your Vet straight away.

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