AUGUST 10th 2019

There have been more disturbing reports yesterday and today at Waterfront Park in Newstead and New Farm Park.

  • Courier Mail have reported 4 deaths In the area.
  • The Rescue Collective – Posted yesterday that there had been 8 deaths in 24 hours. We would encourage many one in the inner city of Brisbane and around the river to be vigilant.
  • Nine News – had a story yesterday reporting 2 deaths.

The number doesn’t matter. The most important thing is for us to all be vigilant.

The Fortitude Valley Vet posted what to look out for –
What to watch out for (any of these): if your dog is lethargic or experiencing weakness; if your dog has tremors, if your dog has excess salivation or is slobbering more than usual, if your dog collapses and has seizures… See your local vet immediately (call ahead to check that they’re open) or head to your nearest emergency hospital.

Please be vigilant. We love our furry community so let’s look out for each other’s dogs as well. If you see something, please speak to the dog’s owner – your kindness may just save a life.

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